App Marketing

App Marketing

Many companies have been dealing with the uncertainty of what approach to take in order to effectively grow their user base and monetize their business. At Loudeffect we see this as a major goal for an app owner to bring together all of the puzzle pieces in order to develop a solid app marketing strategy.

There is a common misconception that businesses are falling into while planning their mobile marketing strategy –  concentrating on app downloads as the one and only success metric. The truth is that downloads don’t mean much, they don’t reflect an accurate number of acquired users nor do they correlate with further app use. Today, nearly 20% (1 in 5) of apps downloaded are never used more than once.

A simple app download does not show the long term value of your mobile app user without additional measurement and analysis. With more and more money being spent by consumers in mobile apps, a mobile app is becoming a key revenue channel for both established and new businesses. Understanding the principles of developing your mobile app marketing strategy is the key to boosting your app usage, converting users and increasing revenues.

App Store Optimization

When submitting the app to the app store, the product owner needs to optimize app presence with visually appealing app screenshots, developing an effective set of keywords and designing an app icon that will stand out. There is a lot more that goes into creating a successful app marketing campaign than just driving app downloads.

Strategies used:

  • Increasing organic downloads by implementing data-driven app store optimization
  • Analyzing the currently used keywords and keyphrases by frequency and relative weight
  • Researching the keywords used by competitors
  • Redesigning the set of keywords, app title and app description
  • Developing the set of recommendations for amendments/changes in the keywords set
  • App icon and app store screenshots design A/B split testing
  • Determining the estimated traffic sources for Android apps
  • Implementing iterative strategy – release, test, analyze, implement and plan the next update
Consulting Strategies
  • Analyzing your competitive landscape
  • Getting detailed insight on the mobile app ecosystem
  • Understanding the role of your app in the global markets
  • Defining your key competitive advantages
  • Structuring your unique value proposition
  • Developing a profound understanding of your audience segments
  • Making value-based target group segmentations
  • Determining key markets and categories suitable for your app
  • Understanding the best time, place and context to launch your mobile app
  • Determining your ultimate marketing and tactic campaign goals
  • Forecasting the projected campaign performance
  • Measuring your long-term ROI and lifetime user value
  • Transforming insights and research data into actionable marketing tactics